Friday, December 20, 2019

Reconstructing Zwolinksi s Argument About Sweatshop Labor...

1. Reconstruct Zwolinksi’s argument about sweatshop labor Zwolinksi thought that regarding of the autonomy the workers of sweatshop are inclined to the seemingly unfair conditions of MNEs was not that bad if we could find that at least this was a kind of autonomous self-expression. The workers choices are also good to return stroke to the third parties such as governments or consumer boycott groups. The workers have a moral right to call for MNEs to voluntarily improve working conditions. Well, the sweatshop workers have no choice but to accept the harmful conditions although they are not with fully voluntary. 2. Reconstruct Arnold Bowie’s argument about sweatshop labor The MNEs should respect the persons and reduce the harm to the workers. One significant feature of globalization that is of particular relevance to our analysis is the increase in outsourcing by MNEs. MNEs are widely criticized by the public because of their law pay, or we should say an unreasonable pay, high labor intensity and bad conditions of works. It is reasonable to believe that all persons possess dignity and that this dignity must be respected. Workers are also exposed to dangerous toxic chemicals and airborne pollutants. One of the most controversial issues concerning sweatshops is the demand that employers raise the wages of employees in order to provide a living wage. Workers from all over the world complain about low wages. In Arnold Bowie’s opinion, the MNEs are challenging the rule of

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